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Family illustration by Rachel
as recorded by Rachel (age 3 1/4)

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It's a reflection both of the changing nature of the web and also, of course, the passage of years as the family matures the time came for a radical overhaul of this page. It used to be for something about each of us, but now we can all speak for ourselves, so I'm providing some connections to where you might catch up with us.

Mark, me, myself, I

mark sunset head shot
The years keep rolling by in that ever accelerating fashion, but 2015 saw a radical change in that on January 6th, for the first time for 40 years, I woke up without a job to go to. I had taken advantage of an offer to part ways with IBM, where I had worked since late '98, to give me time to do what I wanted.

I'd been a computer person for quite a long time.  I was on my Cobol course when Maggie Thatcher was elected as Prime Minister; I installed my first LAN in 1984; I spent well over a decade espousing SOA and latterly I was involved in the the impact of mobile and social business.

I like to list my interests as Life, the Universe and Everything. After all - what less is there ?  Work and family were the predominant occupiers of my time, but now with increased time for travelling on holidays, walking, occasionally visiting art exhibitions, cinema, local music events etc. I am also concerned for the state of the world, a member of CND and Amnesty, a supporter of Oxfam. Since leaving work I have taken to volunteering at Oxfam and stepped up my environmental campaigning.

I have a number of web locations and identities, sometimes originally to maintain a separation between personal and professional roles.

Personally you can find me on twitter and facebook and occasionally updating a wordpress blog.

Professionally I have a twitter ID and another wordpress blog plus, of course, you can find me on LinkedIn

  I did have a bit of an issue wth IHG hotels (the Holiday Inn group) in 2012, which caused me to question whether families (who cannot all fit in one room) should stay with them. To make public the details and the exchanges with them I put all this into another wordpress blog http://shouldfamiliesstayatholidayinn.wordpress.com/
Over Christmas 2011 we had our first ever family Christmas away, travelling in Florida. This is a picture of Karen, Rachel, Rory and Hatty waiting to watch the sun set in Key West on Boxing Day
familiy in Key West

Karen, wife and mother

For many years a nurse, worked as a registered child minder then as a playgroup assistant before, with her partner, setting up her own pre-school business in Ilkley. Long standing vegetarian and environmentalist, no interest at all in computers and wonderfully tolerant of boys and their toys !
Karen's on line presence is low but you can find the business at spiceygill.co.uk


Rory graduated from Lancaster University in 2007 and subsequently qualified as a teacher. After a few tears working in Newcastle he decided to cast his net wider and in August 2014 moved to Tokyo to start teaching there. Despite the distance he continues to be a supporter of Leeds United.
He can be found on twitter


Hatty graduated with a fashion degree from Southampton Solent University in 2011 and is now living and working in London.
She can be found on twitter, has a blog and a lookbook presence and is also on tumblr

And Rachel

After completing 6th form at Prince Henry's Grammar School in Otley, with a mix of art and science A levels Rachel also headed south to do a degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Brunel University.
She can be found on twitter and also tumblr

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