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A page of connections

Brockbank is not a common name, and whenever I have directly encountered another, they have always been able to trace their family back to same area that my father came from (Cumbria) within a couple of generations.

This page is not intended to be any sort of comprehensive genealogy, but rather started as a collection of net. connections that I had come across, by chance or otherwise.

Recently I was contacted by a Peter Brockbank from Australia, who has set up a global mail list for people sharing our name.  You can contact Peter at brocky@lx.apana.org.au and he will give you more details about the mail list.  He also has a web page, linked below.

I would be very happy for this site to become a global link point for Brockbanks, so if you visit here and have a web site I could link to, or would be happy for your mail address to be given out, then please let me know.  Even if you don't I would love to hear from you !

My immediate family

I have a page here with something of my immediate family - my brother, sister and nieces.

Global Brockbanks

Web site connections

This is the starting point for links to other Brockbank personal web sites.

My brother Ian has a presence on the web with  the Fakenham Pages

My sister Deborah does not have a personal presence, but she has been a member of The Jesus Army for too many years to say now, and they have some interesting things to see.

The first www.brockbank I came across (well, actually he found me) was, coincidentally, also Mark Brockbank... He lives a relatively few miles up the road from here.

However, now I am in touch with Peter Brockbank, resident in Australia.  He has set up the global Brockbank mail list and now I am offering this web links site.

From Edinburgh, Scotland, another Ian Brockbank (how is it the same names keep coming up !).  Ian also runs a page for Scottish Dance.

There is also a 'rich and famous' Brockbank to be found in the City of London. This company was also founded by a Mark Brockbank, I believe.

And then there is 'Brox' - may not actually be a Brockbank, but it's a fascinating connection anyway and Brox has been a long standing family abbreviation.

And around the world

Of course, not everyone has a web site, so here I'm showing the connections that we have found - fellow Brockbank's who have responded to the e-mail and let us know where in the World they have got to !
Australia South Australia
Canada Alberta
Newfoundland (I think)
Britain Edinburgh (Scotland)
USA California
New York

As I said, if you have a Brockbank web page (or one with a Brockbank connection), please let me know.  I'd love to hear from you and to include a link to your site from here.

I would also include an e-mail link, with brief description (provided by you) if you wanted.

The other idea which has occurred to me is that, for those of you who do not have a site, I could host a picture if you like.  If you have a picture you could e-mail me I will include it, with your text.  Let me know if you would like to do this but do not have a digitised photo or access to a scanner.

Finally, something from not a WWW Brockbank, but perhaps the most famous holder of our name.  Russel Brockbank, who sadly died a few years ago, was a great cartoonist whose work used to grace some of my favourite motoring magazines.

As a youngster I was really proud to have such a famous namesake (relative ?), so I cannot resist including a sample of his work.

Born in Ontario, Canada in 1913, educated in Ontario and London, he joined Punch as Art Editor in 1949, later becoming deputy editor.  Can anyone out there make a link ?

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